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Free Delivery In The UK On Orders Over £40.00
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Red Con 1-Fade Out
Red Con 1

Red Con 1-Fade Out

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What is Redcon1 Fade Out

Fade Out is Redcon1's potent sleep aid. It is packed with research-driven ingredients at the correct doses.

Why should you consider this sleep supplement?

Deep and restful night sleeps are the key to growth and recovery both mentally and physically. Whether you require 8-10 hours per night or can get by on 4 hours or less, your sleep needs to be quality and productive to make tomorrow the best possible. Fade Out will optimize your sleep and make each minute and hour count. Much like your training, it’s about quality over quantity.

What are the key features of Redcon'1 sleep aid?

  • Increase natural HGH
  • Helps improve energy through restful sleep
  • Can lower cortisol levels