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7 Nutrition - Tongkat Ali
7 Nutrition

7 Nutrition - Tongkat Ali

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TONGKAT ALI - LONGJACK COMPLEX 90 caps Dietary supplement.

Produces elevated testosterone levels. Is a natural energizer. Combined with training, it increases lean mass and muscle strength. Comprehensive support for an active man not only as a libido booster. Increases the effectiveness of training and improves its quality. Antioxidant. Stimulates the immune system. Accelerates post-workout regeneration and improves endurance. It reduces cortisol levels and is anabolic. As a natural aphrodisiac, it improves sexual performance. It does not cause any side effects, because it contains only a natural substance of plant origin.



Take 1 capsule daily just before the main meal with a glass of water.

Daily dose = 1 capsule.

Do not exceed the recommended daily allowance.

Do not use if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

The product cannot be used by children, pregnant or lactating women.


INGREDIENTS : Longjack 200: 1 root extract; Tribulus Terestis 60%; Mac 4: 1; Magnesium citrate; organic zinc; B6 5-P-5; Bioperine; cellulose capsule (HPMC)


STORAGE CONDITIONS : Store in a dry and cool place out of reach of small children. Protect from direct sunlight.


NOTES : The dietary supplement cannot be used as a substitute for a varied diet. Maintaining proper health requires a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle.


Active ingredients 1 caps / 1 capsule
Longjack 200: 1 root extract / Longjack 200: 1 root extract 300 mg
Tribulus Terestis 60% 100 mg
Mac 4: 1 80 mg
Magnesium Citrate / Magnesium Citrate 40 mg