Christmas Mega Deals



Just pop in the shop, your first go is absolutely FREE! (Quote ‘SCAN08’)

Great For Both Men & Women

The Inbody machine is an amazing bit of technology and is the break through for people wanting to lose weight and or gain muscle.
Forget your scales at home they’re no help at all.

You Get A Detailed Analysis Of:

  • Your body fat percentage
  • Skeletal muscle percentage
  • Where your fat is being stored on your body
  • The weight of muscle in your arms, legs & torso
  • The weight of fat in your arms, legs & torso
  • Your BMI
  • Your Waist-hip ratio
  • Your basal metabolic rate (calories used per a day by you)
  • What to do to improve your physique

You will get a print out to take away with you and expert advice from ourselves on how you can achieve your goals.