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Nestle have joined Mars in introducing their most popular chocolate bars in protein form! Nestle are kicking it off with the classic Yorkie chocolate bar which is now available as a high protein chocolate crisp bar. Offering you the same rich, tasty milk chocolate bar as you remember but now with 10g of added protein as well as crispy pieces throughout! An absolute must for you chocolate lovers!

Who doesn’t like to see their favourite chocolate bars being turned into healthy high protein alternatives? The Yorkie Pro protein bars deliver 10g of whey protein per bar and contain drastically less sugar and saturated fat than the regular Yorkie chocolate bars. The taste is similar to the regular Yorkie bars but also contains an added chocolate crisp layer.

What is so good about Yorkie Protein Chocolate Crisp Bar?
Just 218 calories a bar
10g protein
Same great milk chocolate taste
Added crispy bites throughout

Nutritional Information for Yorkie Protein Chocolate Crisp Bar:
Per 41.5g Bar
Calories 218kcals
Protein 10g
Fat 11.6g
– Of which saturates 6.9g
Carbohydrate 17.5g
– Of which sugars 16g
Salt 0.12g




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