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  • Nitric oxide amplifier
  • Dramatically increases energy production
  • Gives fantastic muscle pumps
  • New creatine formula (creatine ethyl ester)
  • Limited edition nitrobolon ii – more than a month’s supply
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NitroBolon II Powder is a supplement designed for all kinds of athletes who want rapid gains in strength and endurance and to increase their muscle mass, as well as speed up the regeneration processes. The ingredients contained in NitroBolon II Powder, such as Diarginine Malate and L – Arginine Hydrocholide are the precursors of nitrogen monoxide (NO) generated in the human body, which is responsible for the speed of transmission between cells. Increased production of the nitro monoxide (NO) results in relaxation of the blood-vessels’ facets and relaxation of the smooth muscles causing a much higher increase in the rate of flow of blood in the blood-vessels and muscles. The immediate result is a rise of oxygen and nutrition accumulation transported by the blood into a muscle cell.

It gives the effect of increased tension and ‘pumping-up’ of the muscles, which causes considerable growth of strength and muscle-mass. To fully use the activity of the nitrogen monoxide, the patented formula of NitroBolon was enhanced with the Citruline Malate, TriCreatine Malate and Inosine, which boost the ATP (adenosine – tri – phosphorane) units of production (which are responsible for the speed and power of the muscle cramp). The demand for the ATP units rises significantly during over-production of the NO. It causes quicker and more powerful energy releasing between the individual exercises. NitroBolon II Powder also contains the latest creatine formula in the ester form (Creatine Ethyl Ester HCI). In order to speed up the regeneration of organism, NitroBolon II Powder was additionally enriched with Glutamine Matrix including: N-Acetyl -Glutamine (NAG) and L- Glutamine.

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