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  • voted best creatine monohydrate 2009-2010
  • new buffered form
  • better absorbed than normal creatine
  • approximately 2 month’s supply
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The supplement KRE-ALKALYN is an improved formula of one of the most efficient non-steroid compounds used in body building, i.e. creatine. A disadvantage of the traditional creatine monohydrate is its instability under the effect of gastric acid, and its quick conversion into its by-product – creatinine – which is responsible for great loss in its absorption, as a consequence. After years of research and tests by the American Bioceutical Research Development Laboratory they have managed to solve this problem. A technologically creatine in a new buffered form was developed and patented as KRE-ALKALYN. This creatine is a substance which is not prone to conversion to creatinine in the gastric acidic environment, nor in any other liquids.Kre-Alkalyn is the only creatine product in the world to be 100% stable, which contributes to its better absorption and assimilation in comparison with regular creatine monohydrate.

This contributes to its increased concentration in muscle tissue with no negative effects which often occur while using monohydrate, such as burning sensation in the stomach or subcutaneous water retention. Thanks to the new technology we can now apply significantly smaller doses of creatine (1 g KRE-ALKALYN is equivalent to 10 g regular creatine monohydrate) with even better results in strength and muscle mass gain. Kre-Alkalyn is a product especially recommended to body builders in the period of gaining strength and muscle mass, and those practising strength, speed&strength sports in order to maintain high physical performance. Kre-Alkalyn is a legally patented trade mark (patent No 6.399.661) of the only patented product containing buffered creatine monohydrate registered by Bioceutical Research & Development Laboratory – the exclusive producer and exporter of the above product. TREC NUTRITION has all rights and agreements entitling us to import the original Kre-Alkalyn and to perform confectioning and trade of the ready-to-use product labelled as Kre-Alkalyn.

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