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Anabolic Hormone Activator!

– Increased testosterone and GH production
– Matrix of herbs, amino acids and minerals
– Just 1 sachet per day

TESTO(X)PACK is an innovative complex of bioactive ingredients enhancing the production and secretion of the two most important anabolic hormones – testosterone and growth hormone.
Maintaining them at suitably high levels helps improves exercise potential and fast post-training regeneration. The precise combination of concentrated plant extracts, active amino acids, vitamins and minerals helps the body maintain the correct hormonal balance.TESTO(X)PACK is a product for professionals, recommended as an additional dietary supplement for high-performance athletes.

You lead an active lifestyle, exercise hard and want to increase your production of key anabolic hormones naturally? Don’t know which products to combine to maximise the effects of intensive training and regenerate faster? Tried various formulas, but haven’t found one you’re quite happy with? The new product from the prestigious (X)PACK SERIES has been made especially you. We presentTESTO(X)PACK – the most complex hormone booster for professional athletes. This is the best, and – even more importantly – entirely safe method of increasing levels of testosterone and growth hormone at the same time. They are the most important anabolic hormones. Choose TESTO(X)PACK, and your intensive training and restrictive diet will bring you the results you want. The product will allow you to do more than you think!

Hormones are regulatory substances with a powerful effect on the intensity of anabolic processes that synthesise proteins essential for building muscle mass. They send signals to muscle cells, initiating protein production. Transcription of nuclear DNA results in the formation of mRNA, a messenger molecule. Once all building materials are available, the translation process starts, in which information written in cellular mRNA is translated from nucleotides into a strictly defined sequence of amino acids. This creates a chain of amino acids (polypeptide), which extends and forms proteins essential at the given time. Protein synthesis induced by hormones and intensive training lead to the reconstruction of muscle fibres, enabling effective recovery from microinjuries that arise during exercise. This is the process of exercise adaptation, which – under favourable metabolic conditions (large amounts of high quality amino acids and energy) – means that any damage is rebuilt with extra reserves. Hormonally-induced anabolic processes help rebuild structures damaged through intensive exercise, as well as causing hypertrophy (increased muscle cell size) and hyperplasia (higher number of cells), helping increase muscle mass and strength.

Human growth hormone (somatotropin) contains a sequence of 191 amino acids. It is secreted by somatotropic cells in the anterior pituitary gland. Somatotropin receptors are found on the surface of all cells in the human body. When this hormone finds a specific receptor on the surface of a muscle cell, it increases the availability of amino acids and the amount of mRNA within it, which directly enhances protein synthesis processes. Although high levels of growth hormone are important in all sports disciplines, they are especially valuable in strength and sculpting disciplines, where the hormone helps develop muscle size and strength. Its action increases fat-free body mass and improves muscle appearance. Numerous studies suggest that somatotropin has a positive effect on fat metabolism, contributing to the reduction of fat tissue. Suitably high levels of the powerfully anabolic endogenous growth hormone in the body improve regeneration even after very strenuous exercise, and help achieve a top physical condition.

Another essential and well-know anabolic hormone is testosterone. In contrast to growth hormone, testosterone-specific receptors are not found on the cell surface, but rather in the nucleus and cytoplasm. When the hormone binds with the receptor, it leads to the activation of DNA sequences and initiates the transcription process which starts protein biosynthesis. The hormone has a direct anabolic effect on muscles, resulting in the growth of pure muscle mass. Testosterone is also the main male sex hormone. It is responsible for the development of secondary and tertiary sexual characteristics, and for basic sexual function. Its levels start to fall slowly around the age of 25, which causes a gradual reduction of muscle mass, accumulation of fat tissue and diminishing libido. Numerous factors including reduced physical activity, stress, excessive use of stimulants, or nutritional deficiencies, can further reduce testosterone levels and increase the levels of cortisol, a hormone with an antagonistic action.

TESTO(X)PACK is an innovative, multi-component formula constituting a precise combination of active amino acids, plant extracts, and vitamins and minerals. You no longer need to buy a whole range of products stimulating anabolic function, since TREC NUTRITION specialists have selected the most effective active ingredients and combined them into a single formula as convenient sachets. The fusion of synergistic growth hormone boosters (GH AMINO BOOSTER), concentrated herbal ingredients that increase testosterone production (TESTOFORM HERB MATRIX) and a complex of anabolic vitamins and minerals (VITA-MIN ANABOLIC FACTOR) has created an effective and safe formulation with a broad spectrum of action. TESTO(X)PACK enhances the production of hormones overseeing the growth and regeneration of the body, helping you maximise the results of intensive training and diet.

GH AMINO BOOSTER is an innovative formula combining the most effective ingredients stimulating the production and secretion of growth hormone. Research confirms that certain amino acids play a key role in this process, and that their high levels in the diet have a direct effect on the degree of synthesis and secretion of somatotropin. Amino acids such as L-arginine, L-lysine and L-glutamine form a direct part of the growth hormone polypeptide chain, others such as L-ornithine do this after biochemical conversion, therefore their high levels enhance its production and reduces its biological inactivation. The formula contains all these amino acids in different and easily absorbed chemical forms to ensure a steady flow of effective somatotropin precursors. The formula also contains active ingredients important in maintaining good sleep hygiene. The highest levels of growth hormone are produced and secreted at night; this is also when regenerative processes reach their highest levels. This is why uninterrupted sleep should last at least 7 hours. However, it’s not the quantity but the quality that matters. When certain natural ingredients found in food – such as gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), L-tryptophan and L-theanine – are used in the evening, they help to calm the body before sleep. GABA is an extremely important neurotransmitter, stimulating the pituitary gland to produce increased levels of growth hormone. This substance also has a calming effect by reducing stress levels caused by increased mental and physical activity. GABA, L-tryptophan and L-theanine help you relax and extend the duration of deep sleep periods. Scientific studies show that the greatest secretion of anabolic somatotropin occurs during these sleep phases. This helps the body to achieve full night-time regeneration and growth.

TESTOFORM MATRIX is a modern matrix of natural active ingredients which support the production and secretion of testosterone on many levels. The first ingredient is an innovative D-aspartic acid (DAA). Although this form of dextrogyrous aspartic acid does not produce proteins within the body, it does play an important role in the nervous and secretory systems. It also directly enhances the steroidogenesis process. It is an essential ingredient during one of the early stages of biosynthesis of the key male hormone. Its presence enhances the enzymatic conversion of cholesterol to endogenous testosterone, taking place in the Leydig cells in the testes. The formula also contains highly concentrated plant ingredients, including standardised extracts of Tribulus terrestris, American and Korean ginseng, maca, damiana, oats, and willowherb. They provide natural steroid analogues: saponins, lignans and flavonoids. They are an additional building material for the synthesis of endogenous testosterone, as well as stimulating its secretion and helping optimise its levels in the body. Plant steroids can also help enhance the activity of luteinising hormone (LH), which controls testosterone production in the testes. They also have a general enhancing and vitalising effect, which translates into improved sexual function and libido.

VITA-MIN ANABOLIC FACTOR is a complex of minerals essential for the management of male hormones – zinc, magnesium and selenium – and vitamins E and B6. Zinc and magnesium play a key role in the process of synthesis and maintaining optimal levels of testosterone. Zinc enhances the production of this hormone, as well as inhibiting the action of aromatase which converts testosterone into female oestrogens. In turn, the correct level of magnesium in the diet restricts the process of combining testosterone with sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG), which results in higher levels of free testosterone. As a result more testosterone remains in its active form, which has the most powerful anabolic action. Zinc and selenium have powerful antioxidant properties, and are involved in spermatogenesis. Their high levels in the diet improve the quality and quantity of semen, which in turn improves libido and has a positive effect on sexual performance. The formula also enhances vitamin E and B6 levels, essential in the production of testosterone and spermatogenesis. Their insufficient levels may have a negative effect on hormone metabolism and reduce sexual function. Vitamin E has powerful antioxidant properties, which help it reduce the negative effects of free radicals on testosterone synthesis and action. Its increased levels may make steroid receptors throughout the body more sensitive to the action of this hormone.



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